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Arabic Language and Culture Club

Arabic language & culture is a Performance/Arts/Media that aims to represent the Arab community in SBU and anyone interested in Arab communication/Media & the culture that came with it.

Active Minds

Active Minds provides awareness, education, and advocacy in the area of mental health on the college campus. We perform outreach activities designed to promote understanding and reduce stigma of mental health disorders and their treatment.

Actors Conservatory (SBU AC)

We are a group of student actors at Stony Brook University dedicated to creating another outlet and community for students to express themselves and their creativity through performing. We hold auditions and put on a main show each semester.

Adventist Youth Ministries

Seventh Day Adventist religious based organization with the purpose of heed the calling of Christ as youths and empower others to submit, serve and desire a relationship with the Savior.

Afghan Student Community (ASC)

The Afghan Student Community (ASC) is to unite the Afghan-American community at Stony Brook University.

African Student Union (ASU)

The African Student Union is an organization designed to form a community with Africans and those interested in Africa.

Alliance Française de Stony Brook (French Alliance Stony Brook)

Alliance Française de Stony Brook is a student run organization that sponsors, promotes, and participates in activities that promote the awareness and knowledge of French and Francophone cultures.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AEMB)

Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AEMB) is the National Biomedical Engineering Society that was established in 1979 to recognize and encourage excellence in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi)

aKDPhi is the largest and only international Asian-interest sorority with 52 chapters from coast to coast and still expanding. We were founded on the pillars of sisterhood, leadership, scholarship, and service.

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